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Top tips for baby wearing

A key conversation for new parents is what kit do you really need? There is the stuff you need for being at home and the stuff you need for being out and about. The first thing you think about buying, after the car seat and buggy, and sometime instead of the buggy, may well be a baby carrier. Here are some top tips on baby carrying; how to have a happy healthy baby and a way for you all to sleep well.

Did you know that carried babies cry less? Sleep better? Are happier and healthier? And parents who babywear can communicate more easily with their baby, are more confident parents and are getting more exercise? You can also breast feed on the go if you use a sling or a wrap!

Also depending on where you live depends on how easy it is to move around with a buggy. When we move to Hong Kong we pretty much ditched the buggy.  The number of people in the streets, the width of the pavements and the steps made it impossible to use a buggy. A baby carrier was the only way to go.

Chose a carrier that suits you

You could just have a buggy, and a bouncy chair at home, but a baby carrier means you can have baby close to you and still do your own thing. But you don’t want to ruin your back, or develop carpal tunnel. So choosing the right carrier for you is vital. You will need to go to the shops and try them out to get an idea of what you like best.

One thing I do know from experience, other than the fact that I was able to carry baby at the same time as hoovering, is that babywearing is great if you are going somewhere with crowds or where you need your hands free (airport for example!).

So what type do you choose?

A wrap

A super long piece of fabric (you can make your own if you want to!) that you tie around your body, over your shoulders and around your midsection, that keeps baby close. Getting started is the tricky bit but once you have got the hang of it you and baby will love it. And you can have so many versions to alternate with your outfits! This style has been used for centuries and is ubiquitous across the world.

A sling

A wider piece of fabric that goes over your shoulder. We used a sling for both our little ones, from preemie to about 3yrs old. Ours was so easy to pack away, washed quickly, was easy to use for both Mama and Daddy and we couldn’t have done without it. We used the babasling.

A structured carrier

More like a backpack that can either go on your chest or back. These are great when they are bigger (6mnths +). I love the soft structured ones  best.They are so easy to pack away in your luggage when you aren’t using them, and they are easy to wash too!

And if you have twins and they are little you can do it with a Weego Twin baby carrier.

Keeping them warm


Depending on the age of baby and the temperature outside depends on the number of layers that baby needs to wear. It is so important to make sure little ones are kept warm or don’t overheat when they are first born . They can’t regulate their own body temperature so make sure you help them stay warm. Here is a link to top tips on layers and the best way to keep baby warm through winter which I have found really helpful.

You also need to think about how many you wear. The body heat from you both will keep you warm. The exercise you get from carrying baby will keep you warm too! So don’t put on too many, they’re not easy to take off when you are carrying the little one too!

Multi use covers

Buy a coat, like this one from H&M or Seraphine for you or one of these? One thing I love about the multi use covers is that they don’t have to just be used for baby wearing. They can double up for the car seat or the buggy. They can be used by Mum, Dad or anyone else who wants to carry the little one!

Out and about, whatever the weather

In the sunshine: A lovely sunny winter day is one of my favourite times to get out and about. Feeling the sun on your face when you have spent far too much of the week in an office. Breathing in that cool crisp air is one of life’s best pleasures. At least it is for me!

Wet and windy? Make sure you have a cover with waterproof hood. When Boo was born I realised that carrying an umbrella when looking after a little one just didn’t work. So now I have a collection of rain coats to keep me dry and a couple of covers for the little one – a light weight one for the warmer days and a fleece lined one for colder days.

As they get bigger

Once baby gets walking it’s great but little legs do get tired. Wraps and soft structured carriers can work when the little one gets bigger, and can be thrown in the back pack for days out.

If you want to go hiking with a little one then back pack carriers are probably the best way to keep you and your child happy. It is worth investing in one with good build quality. Check the following;

  1. weight, comfort, usability
  2. handy extra’s like pockets for drinks or cuddly toys
  3. sunshades
  4. process for taking them on and off.

Again you need to work out what you want the carrier to do, and how much you are going to use it. My favourites are Osprey and Little Life.

In this crazy busy world it is always handy to have more than one way to get baby out and about. Depending on your child’s character will also determine how many cuddles they need. If your child is like a koala bear or more of an adventurous little monkey baby wearing can help you both get on with life, and be happy.

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