Europe has plenty of places to visit that are great for families. Here are a few that we thing are amongst the best, if you are looking for something a little different than the average package family holiday.

Not all holiday companies are the same

And some really don’t get that a family holiday is different from any other

We went to the Destination Travel show and noticed that there wasn’t alot on offer for families. So we thought we would have a deeper dive into the world of travel experts and see who knew about family holidays. We trawled through over 30 companies that said they did family holidays. Not all did but some did and do it well. Here is our list of our top 5 for Europe. As well as a list of holidays that we want to go on this year!

No 5 Explore! 6/10 – definitely for older families

This site actually has holidays based on the school holidays! Each holiday has a minimum age and says which bits of the itinerary have other age limits. The itinerary information is pretty comprehensive they also offer family discounts if you book more than once with them – and that is a discount per person rather than per booking. The tours they organise may mean you are travelling with other families, which can be a godsend if you have an only child and would like a little down time. Also a winner for a single parent.

No 4 Sunvil 7/10

Some very interesting holidays in Europe – either self catering or a hotel, with some very reasonable prices. They don’t have a huge range of properties to chose from but what they do have certainly has a lot of charm and looks perfect for family holidays. Just make sure you book early – their spaces fill up quickly!

No 3 Best Served Scanadanavia 8/10

Do you want to see Santa or the Aurora Borealis? Then these are the people to take you and yours there in style. They provide full packages with B&B accommodation so you have time to get out and explore for yourselves too. Family friendly hotels are picked with fun filled itineraries. The perfect alternative to a beach holiday and amazing places to explore!

No 2 Inghams 8/10 for ski holidays

These people are the experts in Ski holidays. They are pricey but very reliable. I went on loads of their holidays when I was a kid – both with my family and with school. I only remember getting snowed into the airport twice and I remember the vertiginous coach drives up to the resort every time! It was so much easier coming down..

No1 Simpson Travel 9/10

Great villa or hotel holidays for families with very reasonable prices including flights, accommodation and sometimes a car. This site gives options across Europe and Turkey and offers lovely places either beachside or in beautiful countryside. The information is pretty comprehensive and the pictures really tell you what you are getting and what you can find nearby. A lovely escape.

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