Travelling by tube or bus can be daunting

But it’s the quickest way to get around town!

The traffic jams in London can be legendary – it can take you more time to drive a mile than walk it! But that also means that a day travelling around London can be really tiring for little legs.


  • Know where you are going
  • It’s quicker to use public transport
  • Ask for directions – Londoners are happy to help!
  • ravelling with kids can be daunting. But London has so much to offer for families – and kids love the big adventure of going to London to Visit the Queen!
    Bash n Boo’s nursery is right next to the train line so they see the trains that go to London and have always loved to go out and about near Mama or Daddy’s work – which just happen to be in the West End and the South Bank so loads of things for kids to see, explore and enjoy!
    The city is full of parks, Museums, Experiences, kid friendly shops and restaurants, theatre shows and cinema’s, sports events and concerts. At top times of year there are parades and fun fairs to go to, kids days out and festivals in parks. There is always something to do and loads of places to go, come rain or shine, and trust us in London it rains quite a lot! But when the sun shines everyone is smiling and out and about having fun!
    The great thing for Dad’s is that the kids and you can have fun on a day out in town, so long as you don’t get stuck on a traffic jam or have to find a parking space!

    Getting out and about in London

    So here are my tops tips for travelling around London with Kids using London Transport;
    1. Try to avoid rush hour on the tubes and trains, this typically between 8:15am to 9:30 am in the morning and between 5:00pm 6:30pm in the evening. At 9:30 in the morning travel costs may be cheaper.
    2. If you have a buggy or luggage most transport hubs and stations have lifts, if you need directions to lifts ask station staff. If the station doesn’t have a lift again you can ask station staff to help you with your buggy and luggage to help you get to the platform.
    3. It is always a good idea to plan a trip before you travel and check station accessibility and also check for smooth and convenient interchange.
    4. Baby wearing is also a great alternative to using a push chair or a buggy as slings and baby carriers are more convenient when travel at peak times.
    5. Have a back pack / bag to carry essentials such as nappy changing kit, spare clothes, snacks and drinks wipes etc.
    6. If you require space while travelling with young children don’t be afraid to politely ask able bodied people to move.
    7. Make sure you  have a fully charged phone and charger or a battery pack as your phone or tablet could be a life line. In certain situations your device could be used to keep kids entertained, itinerary and maps, taking photos, updating status on social media and making emergency phone calls.
    8. Make sure you have all your personal belongings zipped and buttoned up securely and be aware of your surroundings.
    9. Do not over load and only travel with essentials
    10. If possible travel with a companion as this will make life easy as you travel through the capital.
    So happy travels and have great adventures with the kids!
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