We love these accessories

They make babywearing so easy to do

Here is our list of the best tried and tested babywearing accessory products that we think you’ll love as much as we do.

Those things that make babywearing so much easier, and once you have them you just can’t do without them..

mocci baby

 5. Keep little ones feet nice and warm with leather sole sock slippers
These slippers are absolutely brilliant. They are ethically produced in Sweden, made from wool, approved by podiatrists, non slip and fully machine washable and they come in the cutest styles. They are reasonably priced for what they are and we just love them! Perfect for putting on babies feet to keep them warm and snug when they’re being carried in a sling.

Check out the reviews on Mocci’s website – you may even end up buying a pair for all the family!

4. If you are back wearing then keep an eye on your little one with the The eye spy baby mirror

Products | Eye Spy Baby

This handy mirror enables you to see your child while they are on your back in a sling. You can play peekaboo, make reasuring eye contact, check your wrapping work – even have a sneaky check of your makeup!

The 8cm shatterproof acrylic mirror is attached to your sling or clothes with a lightweight clip featuring a 76cm nylon recoil cord.

3. They want to chew, they want to play; you need Teething toys from Nibbling Teething Jewellery

We love these from Nibbling – choose your colours and your toys and connect the together or swap them to fit with your outfit and wrap or sling; choose a  dummy clip and nibble ring

ManyMonths - ManyMonths - Natural Wool Elephant/Babywearing Hood 
2. The Wooly hood 

What makes it so popular? It stays in place. It protects the head, neck, chest, and upper back. Protection of the chest is especially essential for babies who are getting new teeth and are drooling. And no scarf or high collar is needed!

The Elephant Hood is comfortable for sleeping since the elastic in the back is completely covered with wool and all seams are flat. Really stretchy which accommodates different head shapes very well. And great for babywearing, even on the back. Perfect fit and almost impossible for children to take off and throw away so they won’t get lost easily! No straps or fasteners that can get stuck. Also try underneath bicycle or other helmets.

The hood is perfect in mild weather and great for layering when it is really cold and freezing. The cutest look as well.

1. The Bundlebean Go

We totally love this product – it is so versatile and perfect for families on the move. The Go can be used for baby wearing, covering car seat or cosy toes for the buggy. The Bundlebean Go can also double up as an on the move changing mat or play blanket. It washes easily and you can choose from elephants, penguins, flamingoes, polar bears and geckos. We love the elephants, flamingoes and penguins best – family favourites of Aunties and Bash!

So versatile and so much fun!

BundleBean Go Grey elephant - Buggy and baby carrier 6

And just in case you don’t know how to use them then here is a handy how to use the Bundlebean Go video for you to view

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