Countdown to Christmas: 5 weeks to go!

The Elf on the shelf: getting ready fro Christmas

Is your elf on the shelf already?

Are you thinking about where to put all the fairy lights?

Here at Bash and Boo we totally love Christmas!

The Christmas list

All year round, whenever the kids say they want something, it goes on their Christmas or birthday list. It helps us to make Christmas special. We, and the family, buy them all the gifts that they really want.  This guarantees that look of amazement and joy on their face on Christmas morning when they open their presents. A great way to start a joyful day and have a very Happy Christmas!

Have you seen the Christmas ads for this year? They started pretty early, in the first week of November I think! The John Lewis one always sets the tone for the festive season ahead.

Well Black Friday (week I think now!) is starting so now is a good time to get the kids to do their Christmas list. They love it, and it gets them in the mood for the run up to Christmas. Find out what you can get discounted, delivered, wrapped and hidden away for Santa to deliver on Christmas Eve. US based retailers are probably the best at giving us the widest range of discounts. You can find some good discounts on the likes of Amazon.

We pick up a Christmas something from the shop for Christmas every week we do a big shop. The store cupboard is brimming with chocolates and our favourite treats by the time the big day arrives!

What to do on Christmas day?

Are you one of those people who just loves all ting Christmas? Do you find the whole Christmas day thing super stressful? Are you extremely well organised and find it a breeze? Whatever your take is on Christmas, it’s great if Christmas day can make everyone happy. It’s not just for the kids!

Go away-

Does the Winter sun tempt you? Or do you fancy Christmas on the slopes, surrounded by snow? Even just want to get away from Christmas and go somewhere were they don’t celebrate it?

Going away means all the hard work is done for you. That little bit of sunshine helps you get through the winter months of the New Year.

Go to a Christmas market town. It could be in the UK or in Europe. There are lots of really beautiful places that go a long way towards creating a really memorable Christmas for you and the kids.  Remember a number of European countries make a bigger thing of Christmas Eve than Christmas day. So do your research and be prepared.

When you go away you don’t have to take all of the presents with you. Remember that if you order on line you can normally get it delivered wherever you will be. Some items may be tricky due to international trade agreements. Shop around and find the local retailer. You can usually get whatever you want. Just make sure you have dates right, and that you have enough luggage space to bring it home! Alternatively just do the little presents while you are away and have another pretend Chrismas day when you get back home!

Eat out –

Book soon to get a good table. Make sure you have agreed who is going to be the designated driver or book a taxi!

Most places will want you to pre-order your dinner choices. check that wherever you go is kid friendly and that there will be space for them to run around – they may be too excited to eat. Or if you have a little one will there be a comfortable place for you to feed them or for them to sleep? Just remember who is having what. It takes the pressure off at home and means no one has to do the washing u only thing is do you let the kids bring all their new toys with them? If you do take them then remember to take them all home!

A small family affair –

If you love cooking Christmas dinner, you want it keep it simple or it ‘s what you do every year then stay at home, or celebrate with the family. One thing to avoid with little ones is too many days of being inside, eating too much, watching TV and getting over excited and tired by playing all the new toys. Maybe they want a new bike, scooter, skates or remote control car? If you haven’t got any ideas, or a list as long as your arm, try one of these Christmas’s top toys!

I remember always wanting an umbrella. One Christmas both my Nan’s got me one! A blue one with flowers and a really cool red polka dot one. I just prayed it would ran, and oh my goodness, for the next few days it did!! It was so much fun, playing with them in the rain! I loved my brollies.  On the way home I changed my mind! We were driving back from the West Country to Kent in a severe rain storm, for most of the journey. I felt very sorry that I had prayed for rain. It was dangerous and it was so scary!

Christmas day drinks!

It may sound crazy but this can be fun!

One of our family friends always had drinks on Christmas morning, starting at 11 and finishing at about 1. The kids would all be running round playing with toys and wearing themselves out, eating whatever they could get their hands on and just having great fun. The adults enjoy a few drinks and chat while enjoying lots of nibbles. You can get some many that cook in 20mins these days so they are topped up easily by popping another tray in the oven. And or course loads of mince pies!

One of my good friends always invites families round in the afternoon and through the evening. She orders in all the food for the main course so she doesn’t worry about the cooking. Each family must bring one course, or look after one key element. We have a wine buff in our group of friends. They are always organise the drinks. I always get the cheese, having lived near La Fromagerie for years,  or get given the puddings (I seem to make exceedingly good desserts!). It is really good fun for all.  The kids get on well and take themselves to bed. The babies sleep on the big double beds, surrounded by cushions looking like cherubs!

Get ready!

Being prepared is the key to making life so much easier and less stressful. Plan what you want to do. Work out any hard deadlines:

  1. international postage
  2. Last day for online orders for delivery in time
  3. Book those tickets for the panto/table for lunch or dinner/ the taxi home on Christmas day
  4. Christmas jumper day
  5. Get an advent calender before 1 Dec!


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