Staying with the Grandparents

Grandparents are great!

Grandparents can be the best baby sitters in the world for our little ones. They love them. They spoil them. And usually they are free!

What to pack

But times have changed since they had babies. They may need help keeping their little grandchildren safe and entertained so here are a few things I ALWAYS pack;

  1. An easy to fold up/blow up bed. There are some great new ones that pack down small and can be used as a bed anywhere, and are usually machine washable too!
  2. At least 2 extra sets of clothes, including pajama’s as you never know !
  3. Calpol and Piriton sachets just in case!
  4. An easy to fold up buggy – I usually take the one I use for flying as it’s light and easy to unfold or carry.
  5. Teddy – the favourite so they sleep well
  6. A travel gate – to make stairs safe
  7. A travel high chair
  8. A bib
  9. Changing bag fully equipped: a washable changing mat, wipes, nappy cream, hand sanitiser, nappy bags, nappies/pull ups, bib, extra food and nibbles (i always packed a spare bottle and some pre-made formula cartoons when the kids where very small)
  10. My little one’s own case, half packed with clothes wash bag etc and the other half with toys and books.

And if you little one needs it their dummy or dou-dou.

I’ve always made sure that there is a box or drawer of toys, books and crayons waiting for my little one to rediscover each visit to Nana’s. Every now and then there is a new toy waiting.

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