Let’s go to the park!

Have fun outdoors!

Park Life

The kids are driving me crazy! I can’t remember what the sky looks like! We need some fresh air….Let’s go to the park! Let’s go to the playground.

If you live in a flat, or a house, in a town or a city, parks can be the best playground. A place for you to go, have fun and relax.  A good park is a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle. A meeting ground for the community. A place to enjoy park life.

All the people

I love the fact that so many different types of people go there and do so many different things;

  • The dog walkers, whose dogs know each other so well and play and chase each other, with the older dogs watching wisely.
  • New parents either with new borns taking a stroll round the park pushing the buggy and taking in the fresh air, sights and sounds, or watching their toddlers grow up as they move from the baby playground to the one with the big slide and the zip wire!
  • Loads of sports being played – tennis, football, cricket, frisbee and every now and then someone learning the walk a tight rope the
  • Teenagers, allowing themselves to be kids a bit themselves but trying to look so cool and call this their territory.
  • Grandparents and the retired, keeping fit or enjoying the rose garden or the change of the leaves on the trees.
  • And the kids from Auntie Estelle’s nursery, learning to play games, or about that change in season collecting acorns, conkers and pine cones.

Get the kids outside

You don’t need much when you go to the park. Depending on how old the kids are depends on what you need. Here are the essentials;

  1. Layers! For little ones I love a onesie and a splash coat. For the toddlers a fleece and a splash coat and for the bigger kids a fleece and a pacamac, just in case. Wellies are a must – it means they can run wherever they want to, jump in puddles and run through the hedgerow and woods without getting caught by stinging nettles, or collecting burrs on their clothes.
  2. The kit bag: a drink, some nibbles such as some fruit, an Ella’s pouch and maybe some biscuits, just on case.  I also always take a waterproof backed mat, so you can cover a bench or sit on the ground and stretch out. When I was feeding my little ones I used to take a feeding apron so I could feed them al fresco but still have that focused quiet space to get the job done! And when Dady had the kids he could take a wide small thermos full of boiled water. He’d use this to heat up a pre-mixed bottle of baby milk, or a food pouch and then make himself a cup of tea!
  3. Toys? If you want to do a specific sport or play with a new toy then take it along. But the great thing about a park is that you don’t have too! There is enough in the park to keep the little ones happy and entertained. The playground is a good start, but for very little ones even the grass is fascinating.

Have fun outdoors

It doesn’t cost a thing and its a great place to have fun, relax or get some exercise! Shall we go and hunt a Gruffalo? Or go on a Bear Hunt?

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