Keeping Baby Safe and Seen

Dark days and nights are coming as Autumn starts and winter approaches.  This can be isolating for parents but it is best to get out and about. It is good for you, your physical and mental health and it is great for baby. You need to know how to keep baby safe and seen out and about.

You may have to be out and about with baby early in the morning, in the evening or in the fog. Cars have headlights and we all wrap up warm. Cyclists wear high viz clothes and turn on their flashing lights. But how do you keep baby safe and seen out and about in the winter months? How do you make sure no one crashes into your buggy or pram?

Everyone is rushing in rush hour. You are rushing to get baby to day care and then off to work. We all know that you need to keep baby nice and warm. The general consenus is that put as many layers on baby as you put on, and add another one. Always put a hat on, and mittens so that their little fingers don’t turn icy! When you get indoor take all those outside layers off, otherwise baby will overheat. But how about keeping baby safe and seen?

Keeping Baby safe and seen

I went to the Baby Show and I saw a great idea –Buggi Lights and Scooti Lights. My little and big one thought they were brilliant so we got some red ones for the trike and blue for the buggy. They were so bright that it was impossible not to see the kids in the dark scooting round our cul-de-sac. Then I lent them to a friend to test. 

The feedback was brilliant – every day she had to cross a busy main road to get from nursery to home, with a baby in a buggy or in her carrier and a 3 year old on a scooter. The buggi lights meant the traffic stopped to let her and the kids cross in safety!

This happened a few days in a row and now she uses them whenever they are out and about in the autumn and winter. And her husband uses them too when he does drop off. They love them and they keep their babies safe and seen out and about!

Keeping baby safe and warm

I quickly learnt that carrying a brolly when baby wearing or pushing a buggy just didn’t work for me.  So I got myself a good multi layer rain coat. Then I worked out that the raincover that came with the buggy didn’t do the job of keeping babies toes warm. I wasn’t so sure an extended rain coat would work for baby wearing. That was when I came across the idea of baby having cosy heads and toes with a Bundlebean Universal footmuff.

The Bundlebean worked for baby wearing, for keeping baby warm in the car seat and on the buggy. And it washed and dried easily too!

We don’t stay in much in the winter. The kids and I hate getting cold, and we want to stay safe and seen.These two bits of kit have been part and parcel of our ‘go to’ winter kit. Our friends love them too!


Baby wearing in the cold

Baby’s first halloween!

Off to the fireworks

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