It’s Raining, It’s Pouring!

So the weather has turned and it’s raining. Do you batten down the hatches and stay indoors? Or do you get out the waterproofs and get out there!

Going out in the rain? Really??

Having lived in the UK and Asia we know there is rain and then there is RAIN! Mizzle just needs a lightweight waterproof or pacamac and off you go! But a full on Black Rain Storm means you just have to stay in doors and play with the toys! Or see if you can spot rain being blown uphill (yes it happens!).

But the chance of rain, or intermittent showers, means you can still get out there, and you might even get to do some puddle jumping!

My little ones go slightly feral if they don’t get out each day. So as soon as the volume goes up too much, or the tears stat flowing, we wrap up and get out of the door as fast as we can!

So here’s some kit that the kids will love and that means you can get them out there, whatever the weather

What you need

1. Wellie boots. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and are great, summer or winter
2. Waterproofs. All-in-one splash suits for little ones (we love the Mountain Warehouse ones that zip from top to toe) or a splash coat for toddlers and bigger kids
3. An umbrella! A favourite for little kids, and we’ve found the see through ones work best so they can see where they are going. But beware your legs – spatial awareness is never that great with little ones. If they are having fun in the rain you just need to get out of the way!
4. A rain proof cover – you can get little clear ones for Maxi Cosi Pebbles or big ones to replace the one you got with your buggy. There are also some really good versatile ones that can be used from car seat to buggy, For the more adventurous they even fit a bike seat or carrier. We love the ones from Bundle Bean. The prints are fun. The lightweight one packs into a little bag and the all-weather one keeps little legs warm.

Bash and Boo just love puddle jumping so we get out there and do our version of singing in the rain whenever we can. It has us in stitches and, so long as we don’t splash them, cheers up those that see us too!

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