Hello World! baby comes home

Baby’s start in the world

When a new baby arrives it is the most exciting time ever! It can also pretty scary if it’s your first time! A new person to take care of and a world of possibilities and adventures, but no manual really.  When baby comes home the journey of a lifetime begins…

My Mum told me to take baby steps and to get out there with my little one every day. I’d never been good at staying home and in one place and she knew that.

My best friends already had kids and supplied me with a baby bag, sling and lots of blankets. The first few days were tough. My first born was prem so that meant lots of trips back and forth to hospital.  Boy, was I glad we had got a car seat! Daddy still had to run to the shops and get nappies, wipes, and I sat in the back of the taxi clinging to the car seat, never sure the seat belt was strong or safe enough for my precious bundle!

So the adventures started. Along the way we found great products that we loved to help make life just that little bit easier, and that is what I want to share with you!

How we learnt

We’ve lived on the other side of the world, travelled on lots of planes and trains, taken road trips, stayed with the grandparents and love spending days at festivals, at the beach or just in the park. Now I have two boys. To keep them (and us) happy they need to be out and about as much as possible. So whatever the weather we are out.

Someone once told me that it is never the weather that stops you. It’s always the wrong kit. So I hope I can find the right kit to get you and yours out an about, in style of course!

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