How to have a Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Trick? or treat? Is your little one scared by Halloween? They look ever so cute dressed up as a spider, pumpkin or black cat.

Walking Pumpkins?

Kids just love dressing up. The shops are full of great outfits that won’t break the bank. Pinterest or NetMums have great ideas for DIY outfits.

We have a big dressing up bag with loads of different outfits. Viking dragon Zombie Princess anyone? Or pirate dinosaur vampire? Even Mama and Daddy get their outfits out – a witch and her werewolf. A great trick for the late night treaters!

Masks or face paints complete the look. How to guides can be found online or DIY. Or let the kids be creative!

Decorating the house

Do you do inside, outside or both? There is so much you can get from the shops: tinsels, skulls with lights, skeletons, strings of ghosts, spider webs, door knobs and ghoulish waiters that talk and dance, cauldrons, giant beastie spiders, bats.

But if you are celebrating halloween – you have to have a pumpkin!

A ghoulish party

Food ideas

  • Pumpkin soup anybody? A classic for Halloween. After you’ve scooped out the flesh of the pumpkins pop it in a roasting tray and in the oven at 180 degrees for 20minutes. Slice up some onions, carrot and celery. Brown them off in a pan. Add the roasted pumpkin and season.  For a spicy soup add a bit of ginger. Add about 500ml of water or stock. Boil for 20mins. Then blend and serve. Nicest with fresh buttered crusty bread
  • Toffee Apples – the easiest thing is to buy these from the shops. You can get ones covered in toffee as well as ones dipped in chocolate with hundreds and thousands
  • Broomsticks – really easy. Use cheeses straws and twiglets. Take a cheese straw as the broom handle and tie on 5-6 twiglets with a strip of spring onion!
  • Pumpkins oranges – with a sharp knife cut off the top of the orange.  Scoop out the inside with a small spoon. Cut out a face. Remember to take a thin slice off the bottom of the orange so it stands up. Fill the inside with small bits of fresh fruit or tinned fruit salad (drain off the juice first) and some squares of jelly.
  • Ghoulish fingers – get some sliced white bread. Flatten it with a rolling pin. Butter thinly and add either cream cheese or jam (for fake blood). Roll it up into a finger. Add some lines as joint and an almond flake as a finger nail – yummy?!

A great party game

Apple bobbing – maybe best for the older kids but a great way to wash off the face paint. All you need is;

  1. a trug or bucket
  2. Apples
  3. some cold water
  4. towels and dry clothes should be at the ready just in case anyone gets drenched!

My top tip is to do this outside!

For the little ones, create a ghoulish halloween playlist (Thriller, Ghostbusters anyone?) to play pass the parcel or musical statues to.

Trick or treat etiquette

Little ones can go out early. With the clocks going back just before Halloween, 5 o’clock is already dark. Choose a route that is not next to or along a busy road. Rush hour traffic is horrid and risky for kids that are having fun. Plan a safe route to take and know where there are friendly doors to knock on. Kids need to be easily spotted in twiglight or the dark. Buggie Lights are great for buggies and prams, or Scooter lights for bikes and scooters.

Here are some rules for treat or treat fun!:

  1. Only approach doors that have a lit pumpkin showing.
  2. Have enough adults to watch the kids.
  3. Let the little ones pick the treats first.
  4. Make sure all of them say thank you!

My last tip for a happy halloween – check what treats the kids get. Get rid of the ones you don’t want them to eat. Let them have a few each night or eat them all in one go. Either way make sure they brush their teeth before bed time!

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