Bash and Boo go to the fireworks

Fireworks: wrap up warm, big bangs, bonfires, sparklers, Wow! Fireworks are so exciting and can be so much fun. But if you aren’t prepared properly they can end in tears and are no fun at all. Here are some tips so that you and the kids can enjoy the fireworks;

  1. Chose the right firework display for you
  2. Wrap everyone up warm
  3. Protect little ears or find a room with a view
  4. Think HiVis – make sure the kids can be seen in the dark.

Where to go to see the Fireworks?

Local fireworks displays are amazing. Often set up by the Rotary or another local charity they are a great community event and raise lots of much needed money for charity. These local displays may be very busy though and not so great for little kids.

When you have little ones it is often better to go to a display that is aimed at young families. They will have the facilities that you may need – toilets, baby changing facilities, inside space. Check out what there is before you go. Your local school may hold a display, often organised by the PTA, and held in the school fields. Otherwise check out your local rugby clubs or local sports clubs.

You could stay at home, and have a DIY display or go to a private display that some one else is holding in their garden. Just make sure the bonfire isn’t too close to the house ( I have seen windows crack from the heat!) and that firework safety is adhered to. Don’t forget to have a bucket of water handy – good for dropping used sparkers into or chucking on the bonfire if you need to put it out quickly!

Where to get your fireworks

Buying your own fireworks is very easy to do. You can get fireworks from most supermarkets these days, or delivered to your door. There are specialist fireworks shops that give a great range and value for money too, along side specialist advice from people who know what they are talking about – it’s not good business to sell a dodgy firework!

Wrap up warm!

Layers. Layers and more layers. I always say that it is easier to turn up with too many layers and take them off if you get hot rather than the other way round.  Grandma and Grandad introduced us to Patra – a great Christmas present each year. The vests last and wear really well and are worth every penny! Get out the long sleeve tops, fleeces, trousers and thick socks. On go the Wellie boots, hat, scarf and gloves or mittens.

Keep little ones warm and safe close to you, with a onesie, hat or hood and mittens, warm socks or moccasins to keep their fingers and toes warm. Baby wearing is best of outdoors events. You can keep them warm and dry by using one of the Bundle Beans Go covers, or something similar.

Big bangs, bonfires and sparklers

Fireworks can be very noisy. Rockets going off, screamers and big bangs can scare little ones and hurt their ears.  To avoid tears make sure your little one wears ear protectors (noise cancelling headphones) or ear plugs if they are going to be outside. Toddlers and preschoolers may want these too but as they get older they may be comfortable with ear warmers.

Alternatively you can always stay inside somewhere with a good view. Bash and I watched a number of displays from my bedroom window. He’s usually afraid of the dark. But he thought it was really cool to stand on my bed with his head poking out of the curtains looking out across the gardens.  The best place I have done this have been in a flat on 12th floor of a block of flats, with views across a radius that gave me the best seats in the house for 3 major fireworks displays!

The ultimate view of fireworks with little kids was the top floor balcony of a suite in The JW Marriott in Hong Kong Harbour. Chinese fireworks are the best in the world. Truly amazing!! You could go to any of the major fireworks events across the world and book in to a suite overlooking the display; Sydney Harbour, L-Arc du Triomphe, Times Square or one of the hotels in London along the riverside?

Wow! That was fun!

Low noise fireworks are great ways to get little kids excited snd happy to go the fireworks. They are also a great way to take care of the pets. Little ones ears are just as sensitive as family pets including dogs and cats. This time of year the sun has set by 4.30pm so a firework display that starts at 5pm is perfect. 30mins of fireworks will be enough for any little one. You can have them home and totally exhausted ready for bed after having had a good time!

Staying safe

Having a 10 year old and a 3 year old can cause some arguments… To avoid the one about sparklers I get Glo sticks. It means I can spot them easily and they last a lot longer than a sparkler.

Make sure everyone keeps a safe distance from both the bonfire and the fireworks. There needs to be a physical barrier around the bonfire so that the kids can’t get too close to it without Adult supervision.

Making sure that kids can be seen is another way to keep them safe. Lots of kids shoes now have lights built into the soles that help. Also buy winter coats with reflectors on them – on the hood, the arms and the back. I would say this is the case for kids aged 2 – 18, and even older as we all need to stay safe when out and about during the long winter nights! One product that I love, and my kids do too, are Buggi Lights and Scooti Lites. They are just great, really cute and easy to use. Every morning when I am doing the school run I wish all the kids had these on their scooters and bikes – the lights are so bright they can been seen in fog!


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