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It is always good to find a support group when you need one. You may be struggling to choose which type of carrier to use, want some advice on how to carry safely, or just want to find out more.

Support groups, Sling Libraries and NCT groups are great places to get advice and meet like minded parents

Make friends and build a support group – you never know when you might need them!

If you are looking for an international group or are interested in promoting baby wearing universally then there is Babywearing International.

If you are looking for a local support group and live in the UK then your local NCT will again help here, or Baby Wearing UK has great links to Peer Support Groups.

A really useful resource for buying a sling, taking courses and other resources is the Sling Pages. Or you can find great tips on slings and babywearing on Pinterest or through a local Facebook group.

Find a sling library to see if you can try out slings, wraps and carriers before buying the one that suits you best. Often you’ll find your local support group through the library .

Other international sites for support can be found by following the following links: USAAustraliaCanada.

There are groups that walk, sing, exercise and many other things with babies in slings. Enjoy and stay safe!

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