A very busy day for Bash n Boo

Sometimes you just have one of those days. A really busy day. Those when you have so many errands to do. So many places to go. It’s the weekend and the little ones need to come with you. So ready, steady, go!


Plan your timing at least the day before. Work out your routes, how long it takes to get from a-b, then on to c and so on. If you’re taking public transport check that there are no changes to the timetable otherwise that 20minute train ride turns into 1 1/2hour bus ride!

Make a list of;
1. where you need to be (include the postcodes and addresses so your map app can help you get there!) and when,
2. what you need when you get there
3. any numbers you need to call, just in case

Once you know your schedule work out what you need to pack to make sure the kids have enough for changes, drinks, snacks, food, and a few easy pack toys in case they have to wait around a bit. Oh, and don’t forget to make sure you also take snacks and drink for you!


Always have those trusty items with you.

Take your favourite baby bag or back pack. You need to know that all the kit you need is in there and easy to find. The worst is to have a screaming baby while you are frantically trying to find the wipe/nappy/dummy/bottle or doudou! And if you have twins you can double that!!

For easy terrain, town or shopping centre type walking then take your favourite big comfy buggy (remember the rain hood and spare blanket).

If taking public transport or hopping in and out of the car then make it easy to do. Use the frame for the Maxi Cosi (or similar) when they are little.  Once they can sit up (past 6 – 9 months) a lightweight foldable buggy can then be best.

If it’s going to be crowded then baby wearing is probably the least problematic. You have a hold of baby. Baby is at a good height not to be crowded in the buggy. Being close to you means that they are happy, feeling safe and snug, and can see what’s going on around them.


Leave yourself good time to get where you need to be without any rush or panic. It’s not good for your blood pressure and little ones always sense when you are stressed. Keep calm and carry on they say. It can make a busy day a happy day.

We did this last weekend – in one day we went to tennis classes, had a haircut, did the weekly shop, had to do a uniform shop too (I thought the big one’s shorts would still fit but he has had an uber growth spurt!!), go to a birthday party, visit the library and get home by 4.30pm. We did it, little one was happy, no one starved, no arguments and no stress, just a massive sense of achievement at the end of the day! Phew!!!

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