Bash and Boo spend so many nights away from home that we have bags packed with essentials all the time. We’ve had to respond to family emergencies in an instant and this has taught us to always be prepared. The fun thing is that this means we are ready to go if we get a last minute invite to visit someone, or get a great opportunity to travel.

Bash’s Trunki

Bash loves his Trunki. The rest of us have a love hate relationship with it – one of us always ends up carrying it. But Bash loves pulling it, riding it, opening it and locking it. Ours is a very battered Trunki that has been on every night away, road trip, staycation and flight that we have gone on as a family.

In the Trunki – head rest, blanket, wash bag (toothbrush, paste, moisturiser, flannel, Sudacrem), black out blind, and a small toy. Each time this is topped up with:

  • pyjamas (pack an extra set just in case!)
  • Favourite teddy bear
  • Bedtime stories
  • A couple of toys
  • A colouring book and crayons
  • Night nappies
  • Sets of clothes for each day away (plus one extra just in case)
  • Underwear (or enough nappies to cover your stay away)

And I would suggest always taking a few packs of babies favourite foods and these essentials, just in case;

and take your baby monitor with you!

Boo’s bag

Boo has travelled all his life and is a master of the long haul flight. He is also pretty good at helping pack for a road trip and has never had a problem with sleep overs. He now travels with ear plugs and a black out sleep mask so he can sleep wherever he wants.

In the Kids bag: Washbag (travel toothbrush, mini toothpaste and hair and body wash)

Then when you are ready to go make sure you pack:

  • clothes for each day
  • Underwear for each day
  • pyjamas
  • A good book for a bed time read
  • Travel potty
  • Ready bed

Our bag: Travel slippers and dressing gown, wash bags with all we need in them – using a the good travel size packs that you can get, using the refillable bottles and pots so we can take our favourite shampoo, body wash, cream.  We also use them for taking travel size packs of Piriton and Calpol. We also have stored loads of samples beauty products so we can take a few of what we need with us, and finally we pack our emergency essentials such as a travel first aid kit, travel torch, and emergency loo roll.


  • Pack what you need
  • Take some extras
  • Be ready for accidents.
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