Flying with toddlers


Toddlers can’t sit still on a plane!

Top tips for aceing a flight with a toddler

Flying with toddlers can be daunting. We’ve flown with littles one so many times over the past tens years that we’ve got it ace’ed. Here we share our top carry on items for flying with a toddler BUT

Don’t forget:

  • check your passports at least 3months before you fly!
  • checkin at least 24hours before your flight
  • it’s less stress to finish packing the day before you fly
toddler carry on
My scrappy little packing list
  1. HeadphonesLittle ones may want to watch moves or play games on tablets, or even listen to music or audio books. Let them to this in comfort without bothering you, or irritating those that are sitting near you with a pair of their very own headphones. Get good quality over the ear head phones to protect those little eardrums. Make sure they have a universal jack so you can use them on any tablet, smart phone, laptop or plane! We love these ones from Griffin. Make sure you check the volume before you let your little one put the head phones on. Remember that their hearing is much more sensitive than yours. Also remember that specialists recommend that little ones do not use headphones for more than 2 hours. 
  2. Lollipop The top treat for getting on a plane. They keep little ones quiet and they help with the effects of air pressure on their little ears. Because they are on a stick you can avoid choking, but do make sure they suck rather than chew! Try Chuppa Chups – great flavours and they come in mini sizes so you don’t have to deal with a sugar rush 😋 
  3. Spare clothes I always pack with the intention that you may never see your luggage again. So long as you have at least 1 days extra clothes you can usually go shopping for more whenever you get over the flight. And in flight you need to be prepared for any eventuality- spillages, nappy mishaps, sickness, being too cold. Anything could happen so be prepared! 
  4. Neck rest and blanket – These come in so handy for little one to get comfortable, relax or sleep. They also come in handy at your destination – another thing to be familiar with wherever they go! Of course our favourite neck rests are Elephant Ears. They’ve been approved by Chiropractors and they’ve worked for us! Make sure they do actually support the head and don’t give your little one a crock neck whichever ones you chose.
  5. A New Toy –  It doesn’t have to be big but it does need to keep them busy for a while. A mini travel pack of whatever they are really into works wonders. One trip we had the book “Harry and a bucketful of dinosaurs‘, along with the bucket of dinosaurs. It was played with on the flight out, on holiday and on the flight back and still is a well loved toy. Our other go to is the Leapfrog first laptop – works for 12 month olds up to preschool and helps with numbers and letters. Just think small, compact, interactive and easy to keep hold of all the bits. Or so cheap you and little one won’t care if they disappear under the seat! 
  6. A Creative toy  – Any type of creative toy helps keep little ones entertained on the flight. Check to see if there is an Activity book for their favourite story. Buy a pack of gel stickers and make sure your little one gets to sit next to the window so they can create their own make believe world on the windows. Galt do some excellent Water painting pocket sized notebooks which can give hours of fun and colouring. Or get an Etchasketch or similar and make your own pictures, play noughts and crosses, hang man, learn letters or do whatever you want without having to use loads of paper!

  7. Snacks – You can by snacks on a plane but they are expensive, boring and your child may not even like them. Take some small snacks with you in small bags or Tupperware pots, that you are happy with and you know your child will love. Don’t take any nuts. You just don’t know if anyone on the flight has a nut allergy and it’s just not worth the risk. Try not to chose messy snacks. unless you love being covered in food, or sitting on crumbs! Try and choose low sugar snacks so that you don’t get the highs and lows that sugar can cause and try to chose healthy. Remember that you all need to drink lots on a plane – 3 times more than usual. This will help keep you hydrated and make jet lag a lot easier to handle. But be careful of customs regulations! Make sure you eat all your snacks on the plane! My Mum had an altercation with customs in the US when she forgot about the cheese sandwich that she had packed as a snack for my Dad. They were delayed for hours and went through such a traumatic experience that Mum never talked about it. She also swore never to take too much food on a flight again!

  8. Cares seat belt. This seat belt is brilliant so versatile! The Cares seat belt is the only FAA approved belt for kids to fly safely, but you can’t get one on a plane. You need to buy your own. You can use it for flights to keep little one safe, but you can also use it on any coach or bus trips, or in a car if you really have to and can’t get a car seat. Having one will also make you look like a pro and the flight attendants will appreciate your forethought and be even more ready to help when you do need assistance. And you little one will feel so special and proud. All you have to do is ask the people in the seat behind your little one to lower their in-flight table so that you can slip it over the bak of the seat. Then you thread it onto the main seat belt and you are good to go. Follow the instructions on your pack, don’t panic and you’ll be fine.
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