What is in your baby bag? We came up some essential baby bag contents. Don’t forget these handy items. They make going out with baby so much easier

I love travelling light and hate not being prepared. Tears and tantrums come when I don’t have to right stuff to sort out a situation. Other parents, child minders, nannies and Pinterest gave me ideas to test. We checked out what really works on planes, trains, car trips and walks to the park. Finally, we came up with or essential baby bag contents;

The essential baby bag list

  1. Nappies.  You’d never take little one out without them right? Well, I can’t remember how many times I’ve done it.  I even have a pack in the car just to cover myself now.  Take whatever you think you will need and three extra. Be covered for nappy failure, tabs that aren’t working or the onset of a upset tummy. I wrap them in a plastic bag so they don’t get messed up, and it also means I have an extra bag if I need one!
  2. Wipes  The shops sell little travel packs of wipes but we always found it easy, and more economical, to use a wipe case. We love these ones – they are made out of recycled plastic and are recyclable. They come in all sorts of patterns so pick one you like. 
  3. Mini first aid kit Top this up with some sachets of antihistamine and painkiller and you are good to go! Be everyone’s favourite person to go on adventures with. Have everything to help little ones, and even big ones, when they get a cut or bruise while out and about having fun.  When I ran out of plasters at home Bash said ” Mama, we have plasters and bump cream in my back pack!” You never know when you might need them!
  4. BundleBean GO!  A really handy, easy to wash, easy to carry waterproof cover/mat/blanket. BundleBean Go! are handy for rainy, windy or chilly days, in the buggy, car seat or sling and double up as a changing mat. 
  5. Hand sanitiser   You can’t always get to a tap to wash your, or little ones, hands. We love this handy little bottle of sanitiser because it is organic, doesn’t have any nasties in it, and is sensitive to little delicate skin. An absolute life saver! And of course it kills germs.
  6. Spare set of clothes in a waterproof bag  The final and essential item in your bag – an extra full set of clothes for little one. Add more than one set if you are out for a long time. Pack a waterproof bag to put the messy ones in, ready for when you put them in the laundry!

A different bag for weaning?

Once you are weaning you need to add a few things;

  1. Sippy Cup – with drink in it so little one is never thirsty. Non-spill easy grip and bright colours work best and don’t get lost so easily!
  2. Feeding pouch spoon – avoid the mess and attach on to most baby food pouches. They work best for the purees and fruit pouches rather than the later stage ones. The best ones come in a case that is easy to keep clean.

Add bottles, premixed formula, feeding aprons or dummies to this list depending on what works for you and your baby. You know what works best for you. Share with us your baby bag suggestions. We’ll test them too!

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